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tribu Volunteer Management Solutions for Organizations and Volunteers

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tribu offers a volunteer management system for NGOs, NPOs, universities and other higher-education entities, governmental bodies, businesses, and other organizations, which can benefit from tribu platform's data-driven recruiting, communication, and coordination of teams of volunteers. 

The tribu app for volunteers helps do-gooders connect with the right organizations, find worthy volunteering programs, and invite friends and  peers to join meaningful causes. 


Volunteer Management System 


Organizations use tribu volunteer management software for streamlining communication, recruiting, data collection and analysis, and  report generation.

  • Review/approve volunteer applications with one-click

  • Advancing communication with volunteers

  • Gather critical data, and generate actionable reports 

  • Ongoing task management

  • Upload and store essential volunteer files2

tribu App for Volunteers

  • Volunteers use the tribu app to find and participate in worthy causes, log volunteer hours, and communicate with other volunteers.

  • Swipe to find the opportunity that speaks to you

  • See where you are needed on the tribu map 

  • Chat with peers and other volunteers in real-time 

  • Get guidance from tribu project managers 

  • Invite friends to join volunteering opportunities

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